The Lost Colony – 80th Alumni Reunion

We look forward to welcoming you to the 80th Alumni Reunion!

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Schedule as follows:

Friday June 30

10am-4pm: Registration at the Lost Colony Building (LCB).

5:30-10:30pm: Welcome Home Party – Festival Park. There will be slide shows at the indoor theatre and panels created by David Miller will be on display. Catered light food, beer and wine.

Saturday, July 1

10am-12pm: Photos taken in the theatre.

1pm-2pm: Choir rehearsal (at either the LCB or Sound Stage).

5:30-7pm: Before show party. Catered light food, beer and wine.

10:30pm-1am: After party, with 2017 cast and crew. Catered light food, beer and wine.

Sunday, July 2

10am-11:30: Memorial Service in the theatre.

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$80 registration fee
$20 Kids aged 12 and under


The Lost Colony performance – July 1

Each member has two tickets for the performance per Alumni but you will need to reserve seats for July 1 using the button below.