Brigadier General, Anthony J. (Tony) Tata, joins us for a book signing of his newest book Foreign and Domestic at The Waterside Theatre on Friday, June 5th at 6pm.

Tata, the author of four fiction novels in the Threat series, and one of the authors of Glen Beck’s New York Times Bestselling Nonfiction book, Miracles and Massacres, has released a new book Foreign and Domestic, that takes place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Manteo local bookstore, Duck’s Cottage Downtown Books, is providing books for purchase on site at the book signing event. Anthony Tata will be featured at the Waterside Theatre one hour before the June 5th performance. June 5th is the first of The Lost Colony’s long standing tradition of “Dare Nights,” where citizens of Dare County are eligible to attend the show for free in return for donating nonperishable dry goods.

Foreign and Domestic features dishonorably discharged U.S. Army Captain Chayton “Jake” Mahegan who experiences post-traumatic flashbacks to combat of Afghanistan and Iraq. Set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the story unfolds revealing a soldier losing his best friend in combat to a roadside bomb and being discharged from his special operations unit for killing an enemy POW. To seek justice for his friend, Mahegan confronts a rogue military contractor in Dare County, North Carolina, ghost prisoners from wars, and a citizen who refers to himself as “The American Taliban.”

New York Times Best Selling Author of Exit Plan, Larry Bond describes Foreign and Domestic, “General Tata’s story mixes high-threat combat with an intriguing and surprising mystery. Disgraced Delta soldier Jake Mahegan finds himself tied to a crime that proves to be much larger and more dangerous than anyone suspects, involving national security, and hitting far too close to home. Vivid and complex characters make this a fascinating read.”

Foreign and Domestic, “Grabs you and doesn’t let go…written by a man who’s ‘been there,’ this vibrant thriller will take you to places as frightening as the darkest secrets behind tomorrow’s headlines. The enemies in these pages are, indeed, ‘foreign and domestic,’ and it’s hard to say which are more frightening. Bound to be a break-out book for a gifted storyteller who served his country as splendidly as he writes,” says Ralph Peters, New York Times Bestselling Author of Hell or Richmond and Lines of Fire.

Get your tickets to the show today and meet the author of the critically acclaimed, award winning, and bestselling Threat Series fiction novels, Anthony Tata.  Then, enjoy a night of theatre at The Lost Colony. Book signing begins at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:30. For ticketing information call 252-473-2127 or visit