Frequently Asked Questions

What time does PsychoPath Start?
PsychoPath begins at dark, usually around 7:45pm. The last ticket sells at 11pm.

How much does it cost?
Regular admission for PsychoPath is $13.

What is a Ghost Pass?
Don’t want to wait in line? Purchase a Ghost Pass to ‘appear’ at the front of the line. No Wait time! Ghost Passes are $20.

Is it really scary?
Yes. It is really scary!

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
We do recommend pre-ordering tickets, but walk-up tickets are also available. The last ticket is sold at 11pm.

Are there discounts for children?
No. All tickets are the same price.

Once we’ve paid for admission are we able to go through again?
No. However, you can purchase another ticket if you would like to experience PsychoPath for a second time.

Is the waiting area inside?
The waiting area is underneath the rain shelters of The Waterside Theatre.

How long does it take to go through?
­It depends on how well you can handle the terror within: some groups run right through, while others take their time. 

Do you have strobe lights?
Yes. We have strobe lights and fog throughout PsychoPath. It is recommended for people that have Epilepsy to take caution when attending PsychoPath. 

Can we take photos and/or videos during PsychoPath
No. Photography and video recording (including GoPros) are not permitted.

Will the actors touch us, or can we touch the actors?
The actors will not physically grab at you or restrain you, but you could be inadvertently touched or brushed up against due to the close proximity to the actors. PLEASE DO NOT PURPOSELY TOUCH THEM OR RESTRAIN THEM IN ANY WAY. Physical contact with our actors and staff could result in expulsion from the trail.

If I enter PsychoPath and get too scared, what do I do?
If you get too scared, stay calm and tell the actor in the room and they will escort you outside. Please note, like sporting events and large attractions, we do not give refunds.

Can I bring my purse and/or bag into the haunted house?
We do not have lockers or a coat check at the haunted house. Very small purses and/or bags are allowed in, other bags should be left at home.

Are there live animals, reptiles, or insects inside?
As far as live creatures go, there are many life­like creatures throughout PsychoPath. If there are real animals, they will be handled by professionals.

Is there an age limit for PsychoPath?
No. However, due to the graphic nature, it is not recommended for small children, toddlers or babies. We have had young children go through and have a great time and adults who go through and are in tears! As the parent, you are the judge.

Can pregnant women go through PsychoPath?
Pregnant women are welcome to go through PsychoPath, but if you are worried we suggest calling your OBGYN and/or Physician to discuss the situation with them.

Are you open if it’s raining?
If it is lightly raining, PsychoPath will continue. Please make sure you dress appropriately. If there is other inclement weather, PsychoPath may get canceled. We encourage you to purchase Rain Insurance, to receive a refund.

What should I wear to the haunted house?
It is recommended to wear close toe shoes that are comfortable for walking, or running.


Prepare to be terrified. What are your deepest fears? What makes you cringe? Make plans to brave the haunted trail for an all new PsychoPath. Creeps and clowns and evil carnival workers await your arrival in Fort Raleigh National Park. Every Friday and Saturday evening from October 7 through 29, PsychoPath ‘Carnevil’ comes to the Roanoke Island. With added scares and new special effects PsychoPath 2016 will be nothing like you have ever encountered before. One of the top haunted attractions in NC. 

Ask about our GHOSTPASS to “appear” at the front of the line without waiting! General admission is $13; GHOSTPASS tickets are $20.

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