We typically don’t cancel a performance before the 7:45 curtain time. As you probably know, Outer Banks weather is unpredictable – raining all day and then clearing up just in time for the show. If a performance is cancelled on account of the weather, we will announce this at the venue.  A performance may be delayed up to one hour because of rain or other weather conditions. We will proceed with a performance in light to moderate rain.

If the show is cancelled before the completion of Act I, you may receive a refund if rain insurance has been purchased or you may choose to receive tickets for another performance (based on availability). If cancelled after completion of the first act, there are no refunds but you still may receive tickets to another performance in the same summer. If rain insurance was not purchased and the show is officially cancelled, you may exchange your tickets for another performance. Refunds or exchanges will not be made that evening. Please visit or call the Ticket Office any time after the cancelled performance to receive a refund or receive tickets to another performance. The Ticket Office opens at 12PM Monday through Saturday.

Rain Insurance

Rain insurance is available at $5 per ticket and may be purchased when purchasing your show tickets up until 24 hours prior to the performance. Rain insurance entitles the patron to a refund for the value of the ticket price minus a $2.50 non-refundable processing fee (included in ticket price). Refunds are only given if insurance has been purchased and the show is cancelled before completion of the first act. Same day purchase of insurance is not permitted.

The Lost Colony does not offer refunds due to poor weather conditions nor due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues. Refunds are only offered if the performance is cancelled under the terms stated above.

If insurance has been purchased on a VIP or Character Dinner ticket, the refund is only for The Lost Colony portion of the package, not the entire package. Backstage tours and other amenities added to a ticket are non-refundable.